Products / Development

The quality of Laila’s Fine Foods products comes from our well-known history of making delicious dishes the old fashioned way. We may have expanded as a company, but we create our meals the same way we always have—the only difference is that we now produce 38 tonnes each and every day!

We value creativity above all else. That’s why we are always looking for what’s new as well as what’s on the horizon in the industry, and it’s also why we develop each of our products to suit individual customer needs.

And why do we do it? That’s simple—we have always believed that if you put the best in, you will get the best out. As a result, all of our produce is locally sourced where possible, and we ensure everything goes through rigorous testing before it reaches you.

We don’t use artificial colours or flavours, and we don’t use cheap alternatives as a substitute for quality. At Laila’s, if we say onion, we mean onion.

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