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Laila’s Fine Foods Ltd is a successful family run business, specialising in authentic, ready prepared meals for both the food service and retail markets.

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Laila's Indian Food

30 Years of Experience

With three decades of experience, our team of culinary experts has developed a mouth-watering range of products from the best of Eastern and Western cuisine, ranging from Indian, Italian and Far Eastern to English and South American. All the products are hand prepared and cooked using Laila’s own closely guarded traditional family recipes and always the finest, freshest ingredients.

Laila's Fine Foods
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Laila's Mexican Food

About Laila's

Laila’s Fine Foods is a dynamic manufacturer of high-quality, hand prepared ready meals. With a passionate and creative family management team and dedicated colleagues, we have the ability to deliver food that has a restaurant prepared taste and quality.

The family business has grown from its humble beginnings in Laila’s own kitchen, back when she persuaded the local delicatessen to purchase her traditional homemade samosas and onion bhajis. Now based in a 43,000 sq ft purpose-built factory in Bispham, we are made up of over 200 people working on more than 250 product ranges. The family ethos, home-prepared style of cooking and close attention to quality is still at the heart of everything we do. The only thing that’s changed is that the cooking pots are bigger!

Laila's Fine Foods
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Laila's Italian Food

Meet the family

  • Daughter – Natasha Beaver | Purchasing Director

    Controls sourcing, manages Supplier relationships, negotiates the costs of all raw materials. Plans production, runs the purchasing and stock control departments.

  • Daughter – Rishma Remtulla | NPD & Sales Director

    Runs the NPD Department, leads the company’s innovation, works with customers to create new products. Works with the factory to ensure that product quality is optimum at all times.

  • Daughter – Zera Dawson-Gerrard | Commercial & Technical Director

    Sales – Manages customer relationships and needs, creates new opportunities and business. Heads technical team with ultimate responsibility for food safety & legality. Works closely with Laila to run the business, securing funding etc.

  • Mother – Laila Remtulla | Managing Director

    Joint Managing Director & Founder. Runs the financial and business side of the company. Works closely with all the Directors and senior team. Is very involved in production, scales up and approves all recipes.

  • Father – Nazir Remtulla | Joint Managing Director

    In control of all operational and production aspects of the factory ensuring that products are produced as required meeting targets e.g. labour. Keen innovator and forward thinker.

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Laila's English Food

Who we supply to

During our many years in the industry we have achieved a strong and trusted network of partners in both retail and foodservice. Our partners are some of the largest and most successful supermarkets in the uk and we have supplied many wholesalers across the country. We have also exported our products across the world.

Asda Lidl
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Laila's Chinese Food

Contact Us

Here at Laila’s Fine Foods, we’re always pleased to hear from happy customers, potential clients, or those interested in what we do. If you have an enquiry for the team, please complete the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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